Joey Saladino is a proud Staten Island native, having been born and raised there with deep roots within the community. He was born into a good, working class family, who raised him with good morals and strong New York values.

Growing up he quickly learned the value of hard work. Joey’s dad would work all day, every day, starting before the sun rose and coming home until very late, sleeping very little to provide for his children. This is where Joey draws a lot of his life lessons and inspiration for the future. While attending grade school, as soon as he could, Joey started working. Joey took any work he could find, from selling ice cream, working kitchens, cleaning, while saving money with the dream of starting his own business. During all through grade school, Joey learned how to make videos and use the internet to communicate.

Like many other youths, Joey was very idealistic about the world. He was raised in a conservative household, but his real political epiphany happened in high school: the media was regularly lying to the people, and billionaires were using socialism against working class people, people like him and his family. He looked around and suddenly realized his liberal friends were protecting the institutions and establishments that were hostile to Staten Island. Protecting mega-corporations and financial institutions who would then turn around to donate to leftwing anti-American causes. The impact of the financial crisis had a dramatic impact in his life, where he saw many people suffer from the machinations of these institutions.

One day, Joey realized he had to strike out on his own and make something out of his media and internet savvy. Around the age of 18 he left and created his own app company and became a professional social media content creator. He began to get involved politically, making videos, because he wanted to make a difference. He wanted to use his skills and his voice to bring a conservative message forward. Joey was sick of watching his country torn apart.

Only six years later and Joey runs his own marketing firm. He started from nothing, and now advises and helps individual and large companies on social media and internet marketing. He has over 1 Billion views a year, and 10 million followers on social media.

Joey Saladino decided to run for Congress because he wants to be the voice for New York District 11. The State and City governments loathe the district and actively pursue an agenda of hostility towards the working-class people who live there. Joey is here to fight back, and he will be able to carry the District’s voice into Congress.