Economics & Spending: 

Despite the economic growth since the great recession, Americans, especially young people are facing the greatest crisis in finding employment. We need to provide more economic opportunities within District 11, and have a serious discussion on immigration reform issues.
America has made promises to its middle class to provide for their well-being into old age. There’s not going to be any meaningful reforms coming soon with Democrat majority in the House. The only sustainable solution for social security and medicare is economic growth. We also need wage growth so that people can afford to be a part of the economy as a whole. As your Congressman, I will focus on an America First economic policy.

Affordable family formation will be part of my agenda. I will take actions in Congress, and lead local communities to drive down costs of living in District 11 so that people can start their families. The family is the basic unit of any nation, and without Americans being able to afford to have children, our nation will grind to a halt. The Great American Family and the workers that support them are my priority in Congress.


Michael Grimm’s proposed seawall is finally going into place, but there is much that can be done to harden our district and city to prevent another disaster. I will lead a group of local leaders to look at fortifying our communities for the future.


Illegal immigration is unacceptable and is destroying opportunities for young Americans to enter the workforce, gain skills, and making a living. I support border initiatives proposed by President Trump, as well as supporting efforts to mandate programs like e-verify. When people come here illegally, we end up having to take care of them as a result, causing further drain on our already strained social safety net.

Immigration has been locked at 1 million people a year. In the last 30 years we’ve gained 30 million people here legally, or roughly 10% of our country’s population. At this point half of legal immigrant households are on welfare, and they are driving down American labor’s value, crushing wages. I support efforts to reform immigration policies to focus on high skilled immigration like the RAISE act, and I demand that Congress increase funding for border patrol and ICE

New York City:

Mayor DeBlasio is trying to sink Staten Island, trying to punish it for wanting to live according to our values and our dreams. The establishment GOP won’t discuss this, no. I will be your voice in defending our communities from his Ivy League tyranny.

National Defense: 

I love and respect our nation’s military. I support President Donald Trump’s efforts to reduce our global footprint and our allies’ over reliance on our young warriors and our money. We do need to take the America First mindset to national defense policy, including looking at ways to improve the US Navy’s ability to protect our interests-at-sea, especially with trade issues with foreign rivals.